Wireless (Bluetooth) Blood Pressure Monitors

With bluetooth becoming a standard feature in smart phones, they have been used by various electronic devices such as bluetooth speakers, bluetooth tethering, fitness trackers, smart watches and now – wireless bluetooth blood pressure monitors. Wireless blood pressure monitors in India are not as widely used as the regular monitors. But now with more people becoming health conscious, it will change soon. Amazon.in has Ihealth Bp7 Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor which is currently available for Rs. 9704 and iHealth BP5 Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor which is retailing for around Rs. 9881. Considering the long term benefits, this is not a high price to pay. Both of these devices are small in size and can be easily carried during travel. They can be charged through USB and will probably work with your current mobile charger (check before using).

iHealth BP7 Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

iHealth BP7 Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

How do they work

The wireless blood pressure monitors work exactly like a regular blood pressure monitor. The added advantage is that it can transfer data to a smart phone through bluetooth. So, it is necessary to check your country’s app store to make sure that the smart phone app for that particular bluetooth device is available. Most apps are made for iPhone and Android. So, if you use any other phone, be sure to check the app store before buying. The app can communicate with the blood pressure monitor and save all the readings in your device.


  • Store as many readings as your storage can support – So, practically there is no limit on the number of readings that you can store. In the regular blood pressure monitors, adding extra storage space is expensive and hence those devices can store just a few records.
  • With historic data, one can easily see how the blood pressure has varied over time. Since no new medicine or exercise program will bring immediate results, this information is highly useful in tracking effectiveness of your program. With data available over many years, it shows a very detailed picture of your health
  • Easily carry your phone to your doctos’s appointment for showing and discussing results. No need to write down in a paper or try and remember the systolic and diastolic values that you recorded 2 days ago.

Where can I buy?

So, with the help of technology, why not track health more effectively? Read more reviews and collect more information below.

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