HoneyWell Air touch-Best air purifier in India

After a review of all the best air purifier in India, I would rate Honeywell Air Touch Air Purifier (HAC35M1101G) as the best air purifier in India. Its advanced 3 stage filtration process makes sure you breathe in freshest air free from pollutants.This air purifier is the need of the hour in all households in India now. You can read more and buy it from Amazon for around Rs 28000 (really worth the price!!).


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What makes Honeywell Air Touch Air Purifier the best air purifier in India

Honeywell airp

3 Stage Filtration

It comes with the advanced 3 stage filtration process that ensures all the pollutants are removed from the air we breathe. The 3 filters include:
A pre-filter to remove the particles bigger than 5-10 microns. This serves a dual purpose. It not only helps purify the air but it also helps protect the more important and expensive other filters and helps the filters last longer.

A highly efficient HEPA filter of H11 grade. This HEPA filter removes more than 99% of particle matters 2.5 and microscopic allergens. This is the heart of the air purifier and is highly efficient.

Then there is the Honeywells patented HiSiV TM filter. This has a unique honeycomb design that is designed to remove toxic gases, odour and formaldehyde.

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Modern Look and technology

This Honeywell Air Touch Air Purifier has a premium look and finish. It is aesthetically designed and will look good in the living room because of the ABS construction material used.

There is a visual indicator for air quality.The air quality in the room can be known by looking at the indicator which use the highly accurate sensing technology.

The air purifier comes with modern touch controls making the air purifier’s operation easy.


It has a highly efficient Clean air delivery rate(CADR) of 300 cubic/meter per/hr. It can easily be used in a room of upto 270 square feet area.

The maximum power consumption of the air purifier at the highest setting is 52 W. It will provide noise free operation with noise levels in the low range of 23-54 db.

Online details

This is available on Amazon but not in Flipkart. Click the link below to read features and more reviews before buying.

Other great features

It has an approximate 3000 hrs of filter life. The filter replacements are also hassle free and are DIY. There are different colours and numbers to indicate the filter state. They light up to notify when filter change is required. The unique drawer type design of the filter helps in easy removal and replacement of the filters.


Other features like sleep mode and the unique 3D design ensures that airflow reaches all areas of the room also are present in this air purifier.

All these features makes me rate this Honeywell Air Touch Air Purifier as the best air purifier in India. So go ahead and get this air purifier and get ready to breathe in fresh and pure air!

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