Remington Hair Straightener S2002 review

Remington is a great brand when it comes to manufacturing beauty related appliances. Remington consistently produces high quality products such as hair dryers and hair straighteners. The hair straightener S2002 is another such example. It comes with a great set of features such as 2X protection with Ceramic + Teflon plates, ultra fast heating time, automatic shut off, universal voltage and others. It has a temperature regulator allowing you to use it from low temperature to high based on your type. Read below for a full list of features. It is available in Flipkart.

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Remington S2002 review

Remington S2002 review



  • Ceramic + Teflon plates – 2X protection
  • Remington S2002 comes with ceramic plates. These are far superior than the metallic plates. Ceramic plates produce uniform and far infrared heat which penetrate your hair and heat it evenly. The teflon coating ensures that hair glides smoothly within the plates and gets ironed out uniformly for straight and silky hair.


  • Super fast heat up
  • It heats up really fast and has a short heat up time of around 60 seconds.

  • Temperature control
  • This is an amazing feature that allows you to use the straightener at the temperature you desire. This feature allows you to use lower temperature if you have thin hair and higher temperature for those stubborn and hard curly thick hair. If your spouse has long hair, he can use it too. Not all kinds of hair require high temperature and so this feature is quite handy.

    Cord type

    It has a 1.8 meter cord which is quite sufficient for use in the restroom or in front of a mirror. The cord is of swivel type. So, it will not get tangled up and will rotate instead of crisscrossing.


    The Remington S2002 works with universal voltage and can be carried around on your international trips which is quite handy.

    Where can I buy the S2002

    The straightener is available in Flipkart at the link below.

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