Prestige PIC 6.0 induction cooktop

Smart cooking is now easy with the . This Prestige PIC 6.0 induction cooktop induction cooktop is a perfect blend of technology, performance and elegance and this cooktop offers uniform and consistent heating. It has a unique design that prevents insects from entering inside. The feather touch buttons on this cooktop allow you to change or control temperatures and also make changes in time settings. It is available for around Rs. 2700. Check out the product on Amazon and Flipkart or read many more features below.


A list of top induction cooktops is also available.




It has a power rating of 2000W. It has a handy automatic voltage regulator and power consumption display. Now you need not worry about any voltage surges as the regulator takes care of this aspect.This PIC 6.0 cooktop comes with an innovative power saver technology that adjusts the heat level of the cooktop according to the size of a vessel.

Pre programmed menus

The Prestige PIC 6.0 induction cooktop comes with pre programmed menus with various Indian menu options. Now you can just select the required option and relax while the induction cooktop cooks with the required heat.


Prestige PIC 6.0 induction cooktop comes fully loaded with cutting edge features. It has an unique design to help protect from insects.The Prestige induction cooktop comes with a LED display that comes in handy when you are cooking manually as it allows you to keep control on the temperature levels. Along with displaying the temperature details, it also shows the various menu options that you can choose from. This Prestige Cooktop is completely safe for use as it comes with an inbuilt micro-crystal panel that protects it from thermal shock and thermal heat. Equipped with an anti-magnetic wall, this cooktop from Prestige ensures that you are always protected from hazardous radioactive waves.


This ergonomically designed cooktop features a timer which helps you set the required cooking time for a dish so that you don’t have to stay in the kitchen the whole time. It also has a very handy child lock function and a cool cooktop surface to help prevent any unwanted accidents.


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Since it is an induction cooktop, not all vessels and pots can be used. Only ferrous pots can be used. Iron and almost all stainless stell vessels can be used. It a magnet sticks to your vessel, then it can be used.

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