Philips SensoTouch 3D RQ1250 review

The Philips SensoTouch 3D RQ1250 is a super-duper electric shaver with a whole lot of features. Its designed keeping every aspect of use in mind – it’s 3 blades provide a super close shave without any nicks or cuts. The GyroFlex heads follow every contour and curve of your face. The ergonomically desgined handle allows you to glide it over your face to reach all areas. The head can be easily rinsed under water making maintenance a breeze. Buy this on Flipkart and Amazon.


The Philips RQ1250 is a wet and dry electric shaver. It comes with Aquatec technology which makes it water proof and can be used under shower or other wet conditions such as shaving gel or shaving foam.

Philips RQ1250

Philips RQ1250

Gyroflex Head

The head of the electric shaver which holds the blades is the most important part of an electric shaver. The head of Philips RQ1250 comes with GyroFlex 3D technology which allows it to adjust to every contour of your face. It hugs faces of all shapes providing a smooth and delicate shave while minimizing skin irritations.

GyroFlex 3D

GyroFlex 3D

GyroFlex 3D

GyroFlex 3D

The GyroFlex 3D head has 3 independent parts that move independently. They 3 blades can flex outward away from each other or can tilt inward towards each other. They can also pivot around. The GyroFlex 3D head is adjust to every shape and size of face to provide the best possible shave.


The blades of Philips RQ1250 provide a close shave by ensuring that they can cut hair of any size and shape. The blades are housed in an UltraTrack head which covers 50% more surface. They have 3 specialized tracks which tackle 3 different cases.

  • Track 1 covers normal length hairs
  • Track 2 covers long and flat hairs
  • Track 3 covers short hairs

It comes with a Lift&Cut technology which lifts the hair and then cuts it to provide super close ans super smooth shave.


The electric shaver comes with a trimmer. Its hidden and is not visible when not required. The trimmer is a must have for moustaches and sideburns. The trimmer’s high precision allows beautiful and delicate trimming of goaties and other styles.


Cleaning the head is as simple as rinsing it under water. Its aquatec technology prevents water from entering the insides and keeps it safe.

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Battery, charging and usage time

This electric shaver comes with a quick charging battery. For a 1 hour charge, it provides 50 minutes of cordless usage. This is exceptional and not many electric shavers can beat this. It comes with a beautiful charging station that allows you keep the shaver upright while charging.

Other Features

  • The electric shaver comes with a pouch for carrying it around during travel.
  • Along with charging station and pouch, it comes with cleaning brush and a protection cap
  • It has a LED Display for battery status
  • Comes in a beautiful Ruby Black colour

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