Philips Kerashine HP8317 Jojoba Hair Straightener review

The Philips Kerashine HP8317 Jojoba Hair Straightener is an amazing hair straightener. It comes with ceramic plates infused with jojoba oil(a kind of wax) which naturally reduces frizziness and produces shiny beautiful hair. The instant heatup feature heats upto 210°Celcius in 60 seconds. The ion conditioning counter the positive ions and create beautiful long lasting straight hair. At Rs. 2400 it is a very good buy especially compared to its sibling the HP8316. Check it out at Amazon and Flipkart.

The Philips Kerashine HP8317 Jojoba hair straightener is a part of the Kerashine family of hair straighteners. The HP8316 and HP8317 have very similar features except for their plates.


Philips Kerashine HP8317 Jojoba hair straightener

Philips Kerashine HP8317 Jojoba hair straightener

Jojoba Oil

The plates of HP8317 have been infused with heat resistant jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is extracted from a shrub that is native to the American continent. It is not actually oil but it is a kind of wax. The jojoba oil is very similar to the oil secreted by human skin and since it is not actually oil, it will not make your hair look oily. Instead it produces shine and controls dryness.

Jojoba creates a protective layer around your hair and reduces the damage caused by the hot ceramic plates of the hair straightener. It provides moisture to the hair and its antioxidant properties are good for the hair and skin.

The wax molecules in jojoba oil called Ceramides create a protective layer around your hair. They help in reducing dryness which directly translates to reduced frizziness of your hair. When applied directly, jojoba also reduces itching, scaly or irritated skin. It was used by native Americans in their traditional medicines. Jojoba on direct application and also from the flat plates of a hair straightener can reduce hair’s frizziness and split ends.


The plates are ceramic plates and as we already know, it is infused with jojoba oil. Ceramic material heats up evenly and fast. This ensures that there are not hot and cold zones or uneven heat zones in the plates. The plates are also extra wide and this allows you pass through wider sections of hair for straightening. The dimensions of the plates are 47 X 75 mm.

Ion Conditioning

Ion conditioning is the process of producing negative ions which counteract the positive ions produced by the hot plates. Position ions create dryness and frizziness which is neutralized by the ion conditioning available in the Philips HP8317 hair straightener.


The plates reach a high temperature of 210° Celcius. This is very good for thick and long hair and can flatten and straighten anything thrown at it. It also has instant heat-up functionality which allows it to reach its usable temperature in 60 seconds.


The straightener comes with a safety features that prevents accidental burns when left turned ON. The device automatically shuts off after 60 minutes.

It also supports worldwide voltage and has a generous cord length of 1.8m.

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