Philips HP8309 Hair Straightener Review

The Philips HP8309 hair straightener is one of the best sellers in India competing closely with the Philips Kerashine. It is a great value for money hair straightener. With ceramic plates it keeps your hair safer than regular metal plates. It comes with a long cord that swivels and self rotates to prevent tangles. It heats up to 210° and does so in a short 60 seconds time. It can be carried all over the world as it supports universal voltages. Its definitely a good buy for an economical price of around Rs. 1200 and is available in Flipkart and Amazon.

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Philips HP8309

Philips HP8309



Hair straighteners come with metallic or ceramic plates. The Philips HP8309 comes with ceramic plates which are better than the metal plates. Ceramic produces even heat which allows you straighten your hair easily and quickly. Ceramic also heats up quickly thus providing a full heat up time of only 60 seconds. The plates are golden colored and look visually appealing. The plates are smooth which allow hair to easily glide through during straightening.


The cord is 1.8m long and is sufficient for daily use without tangling up. It swivels and self rotates and so it does not tangle when you move it around.

Univeral Voltage

It supports voltages in the range of 110 – 240 which means that it can be taken during your international travels. This universal voltage support allows it to be used anywhere in the world.

Heat up time

It has a short heat time of 60 seconds. In under a minute, the hair straightener will be ready for use.

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It does not have a temperature regulator. SO, if you feel like reducing the temperature, it will not be possible. But, this feature is currently available in very expensive hair straighteners. Perhaps Philips HP8309 does not have it to keep the cost low.

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