Philips HD4938 Induction Cooktop Review

Philips HD4938 Induction Cooktop is an induction cooktop from the Philips Viva Collection. It comes with many inbuilt features and presets which make cooking easier and faster. It has auto off program for cooking without burning food. The buttons are sensor touch keys and the top is built with glass which makes maintenance super easy. This is a great induction cooktop that every house should have. The Philips HD4938 is available for approximately Rs. 5000.

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The maximum power on Philips HD4938 is 2100W. Like a normal stove, an induction cooktop also can be operated from low power to high power. The HD4938 produces 2100W which is quite good for all kinds of Indian food. Don’t be surprised if the time to boil water decreases by 80 – 90%. Induction cooktops are very efficient and the loss of energy is very minimal allowing fast heating and cooking of food.

Automatic timed cooking

It is possible to set a time duration for which the cooktop should be ON and then automatically turn OFF. This is an excellent feature. For heating food items such as Sambar or gravy, we know that 5 minutes on low power is enough. So, its possible to set the timer to 5 minutes and go do our activities such as shower or laundry. The induction cooktop will automatically turn off , save energy and prevent food from burning. It allows 0 – 3 hours of timed cooking.

Preset Timer on HD4938

Preset Timer on HD4938

Delay Timer

The HD4928 allows you to specify a delay after which it should start cooking. The great advantage is that the food will be hot and ready at exactly the time you want it to be. Upto 24 hours of delayed cooking options are available.

Preset Menus

The induction cooktop comes with preset menus for 10 Indian dishes. All you have to do is put the ingredients and press a button. Food will be ready after some time.


The surface of induction cooktop does not get heated directly. So, if any food falls on it, it will not burn and stick onto it. Since the surface is made of smooth glass, cleaning it requires just wiping with a cloth. Its easy to keep it looking new for a long time with minimal effort. The buttons are of sensor touch type. So they will not get spoilt when food or liquid falls on them.

Sensor Touch on HD4938

Sensor Touch on HD4938

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