Philips HD4929 Induction Cooktop Review

Philips HD4929 is an induction cooktop that is categorized by Philips under Daily Collection Induction Cooker. It has good heating power at 2100W, comes with a solid micro crystal build, has push buttons and preprogrammed Indian menus such as Roti/Dosa, Gravy and Pressure Cooker. Cooking with Philips HD4929 is going to be a fun and pleasant experience. Its available for around Rs. 2299. Check out the product on Amazon and Flipkart or read many more features below.

Philips HD4929 induction cooktop

Philips HD4929 induction cooktop

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It has a maximum power rating of 2100W. This is the current standard in India. Since the efficiency of heat transfer with induction cooking(84%) is much higher than gas (40%), this power will enable you to cook much faster than gas stove. Source for efficiency numbers : wikipedia. According to Philips, 2100 W is equivalent to 240 ° C; hot enough for anything I have cooked till now.

Pre programmed menus

The Philips HD4929 comes with pre programmed menus which allow you to cook without constantly keeping an eye on the stove. Although it cannot automate 100%, it does help a lot. After using couple of times it is possible to learn how much quantity of items to use in your recipes. It has preprogrammed menus for Roti/Dosa, Gravy, Slow cook, Pressure Cook and Stir Fry.

HD4929 buttons

HD4929 buttons


Philips HD4929 supports timer functionality which is one of my favourite features. You can set the number of minutes the induction cooker should run before turning off. To use it, you first set the power level, then set the number of minutes after which the cooktop will turn Off. It can be used to automate a lot of cooking. It takes a little practice to perfect it, but after that its a very great feature.

For example : Boiling eggs. Put half a litre of water and 4 – 5 eggs. Set power level at half and keep timer for 10 minutes. Eggs will come out perfectly boiled every time.

Same can be used for making maggi, warming food after coming back from work, boiling milk and many other types of food which required constant monitoring.

Micro crystal body

In induction cooktops, the body does not get hot from direct heat. Only heat radiated from vessels will heat the body a little. So, when food falls on it, it will not stick to it or get charred. And the micro crystal body is very smooth and easy to clean. Just wipe off with a cloth and the surface will be clean. This saves so much of time and in general makes kitchen look hygenic and sanitary.

Philips HD4929 Cleaning

Philips HD4929 Cleaning


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Since it is an induction cooktop, not all vessels and pots can be used. Only ferrous pots can be used. Iron and almost all stainless stell vessels can be used. It a magnet sticks to your vessel, then it can be used. See below image for usable cookware.

Philips HD4929 cookware

Philips HD4929 cookware

Enjoy your cooking. Cheers.

Image sources : Images used from Philips user manual. The flyer is available here

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