Philips GC2840 Steam Iron Review

The Philips GC2840 is just awesome. With a power rating of 2200W, it can iron any garment thrown at it. It produces 32g of steam per minute and has a water tank of 300ml. It’s a really great iron and deserves the approx Rs. 2200 price tag it carries. It weighs 1.2 kg and is just a few grams heavier the smaller irons. The only con is that it requires an AEH socket. But, new houses equipped for air conditioners and other latest appliances should have AEH ports near their ironing board. It can be bought here – Flipkart and Amazon.

To really understand how good this iron is, read the comparision chart available here – Philips steam irons compared.


Philips GC2840

Philips GC2840

Heating Power

The power rating on the Philips GC2840 is 2200W. This is one of the few irons in India with such a high rating. It will definitely make your ironing process easier and can iron anything from fine silk to thick bed sheets.

Steam Output

Steam is very good at removing those stubborn creases. It is very necessary to have an iron with a good steam output. The GC2840 is capable of producing 32g of steam per minute. This steam output is one of the best in India and there are very few irons which can match this. With this much steam, anything you iron will be flat, smooth and crisp. This steam can make you shirts will look brand new everyday. The steam output is variable and can be decreased based on garment type and when clothes that are not badly wrinkled.

Water tank

The size of water tank decides how long can the steam flow be maintained. With 32g of steam production capability, a sizeable water tank is definitely required and this iron does not fail us – it has a water tank with 300ml capacity !! The average water tank size is around 180ml. This iron beats them all hands down.

Steam boost

For those hard to remove creases, even the 32g steam might fall short. For such situations, this iron comes with a steam boost functionality. When used, it produces 100g steam. This should take care of any and every last crease that was hard to get rid of.

Calc Clean

Producing steam from water leaves behind calc deposits. It is important to clean them from the water tank for longer life of the iron. This iron comes with a calc clean slider for easy removal of calc. It also uses calc removing pills called calc busters which disolve the calc and then they can be easily removed. Philips recommends that you do this atleast once a month to keep the iron functioning at maximum efficiency.

Water spray and drip-stop

Like most other irons, the GC2840 is equipped with water spraying capability. Spraying a little water on garments before ironing make them real crisp and the garments will hold iron for a longer time. The iron also comes with drip-stop feature which prevents the water from leaking onto your clothes. It is clear that Philips has invested great time in designing this product to be usable and highly convinient to its customers.


The SteamGlide Ceramic soleplate is highly efficient in transferring heat onto the clothes. It also heats up fast and reduces wait time. Its a premium soleplate that glides easily and can reach between buttons and other narrow places.

Other Features

  • 2200 W
  • 32g steam per minute, Steam Boost
  • 300ml water capacity
  • Water spray feature, drip-stop design
  • 1.8m, 360° cord freedom
  • 1.20 Kg
  • 2 Years warranty

Price and Availability

As of today, it is available for Rs. 2326. Checkout below links for direct access.

Flipkart Amazon

The official Philips website for 2800 series lists all the specs along with some videos. The price there is much higher than Flipkart or Amazon. So, be sure to compare all prices before you buy.

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