Philips GC1980 Steam Iron Review

The Philips GC1980 is designed to make the ironing process Faster. It has a higher power rating for faster heating. The water tank is designed for faster filling and emptying of water. It comes with double active calc clean for reducing calc deposit and making maintenance easy. It has good steam output and supports steam bursts for ultra stubborn creases. It has vertical steam – ideal for steaming clothes directly on the hanger such as suits and jackets. The soleplate is beautifully designed for reaching in between buttons and corners. Read below for details on each feature. For buying information and reading customer reviews go to Amazon and Flipkart.

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Philips GC1980

Philips GC1980

Heating Power

This is the most important feature of any steam iron. *Usually*, higher the setting, faster the ironing process. But it is very important to use the right amount of heat on any garment. Garments such as Nylon require low heat where as Cotton requires high heat. In any case, the safety of the garment is most important.

The GC1980 comes with a power consumption of 1750 Watts. So, this iron heats up pretty pretty fast. In the morning, when you are in a rush to go to work and you have to iron that one shirt, this feature will be the most desired one. Plug it in, arrange your shirt for ironing and be ready to get surprised because the iron will already be HOT. Ofcourse it takes a few seconds to heat up but its faster than other irons. It comes with variable heat settings to support all types of garments.

Steam Output

A good steam flow is required for removing those stubborn creases. When there are really strong creases, they need to be ironed again and again until they flatten out. This spoils the garment due to excessive heat. In such cases, using some steam will greatly assist in making your shirt crispy straight.
But sometimes, even this is not enough. So, this iron comes with a steam burst. Yea – attack the crease with so much steam that it flattens out. No more creases.
This iron produces 22g of steam per minute. Enough for ironing out all your clothes during the weekend. It supports variable steam . It also comes with Steam Boost of 80g !!

Vertical Steam

The iron produces vertical steam. What this means is that the iron can be used to steam out clothes hanging from hangers. Suits and jackets usually dont sit well on the ironing board and don’t require a lot of ironing. Such clothes, when on hanger can be steamed with the GC1980 iron to remove creases and produce wrinkle free suits. The backs of suits usually get creased due to sitting on chairs and for such situations, this iron neatly removes the creases using vertical steam feature.

Water tank

The water tank has been given special consideration in the design of this iron. Its outlet is made to allow filling water easily without spilling and it is also easy to drain out. While emptying the tank, the water wont fall all over the iron. Instead it drops out in a narrow stream away from the body.
The water tank capacity is 180 ml. So, at 22g of steam per minute, it will last atleast 8 minutes but since we dont use the steam continuously, it will last much longer. And since it supports variable steam, it will last much much longer 🙂 .


The Golden American Heritage soleplate is gold colored and is designed to reach all corners and narrow gaps. The pointed end at the top end easily irons narrow places such as the small and hard to iron space between buttons. The soleplate is of high quality that transfers heat efficiently to the garments and glides easily over clothes.

Other Features

  • 1740 W
  • 22g steam per minute, Steam Boost, Vertical Steam
  • 180ml water capacity
  • Water spray feature – For making clothes real crisp
  • 1.8m, 180° cord freedom
  • 1.06 Kg (quite light weight)
  • 2 Years warranty

Price and Availability

As of today, it is available for Rs. 1799. Checkout below links for direct access.

Flipkart Amazon

Also, here’s a youtube video talks about this iron –

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