Philips GC1905 Steam Iron Review

The Philips GC1905 Steam Iron is a very popular steam iron in India and rightly so because it has a very good balance between heating capacity, steam production and price. It is a very good iron for both daily use where we need to iron just a shirt or a top and weekend use after laundry where we iron a whole bunch of clothes at a time. In Amazon, the GC1905 is currently the best seller (until very recently it was the GC1010). This is a very good indication that people are liking it very much. This product can be bought from Flipkart and Amazon .

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philips GC1905

philips GC1905

Heating Power

The heating power of a steam iron decides how easily the clothes get ironed. An iron should support a wide range of temperature so that garments can be ironed at required temperature. Some materials such as Nylon need low heat otherwise they get charred and stick to the iron and some materials such as cotton or linen require a high heat. In general, the heating guide for all garment types are as shown.

  • Linen: High
  • Cotton: Medium – High
  • Wool: Low – Medium
  • Polyester: Low – Medium
  • Silk: Low
  • Nylon: Low

The GC 1905 has a power rating of 1440 Watts. This is a high enough setting for all homely ironing requirements and should suffice for the whole range from Nylon to Linen.

Steam Output

There are 2 steam related factors that decide a steam iron’s goodness.

  • The amount of steam produced. This will help remove stubborn creases by the press of a button. Those fold marks which sometimes behave like they were created by a road roller can be removed easily with a lot of steam.

    The GC1905 can produce 17g of steam per minute. Also, has facility to reduce steam flow if required. This steam capacity is great for almost all creases.

  • The length of steam produced. This feature directly depends on the water tank capacity. Bigger the tank, longer the iron can produce steam. But, bigger the tank, heavier and bulkier the iron becomes.

    The GC1905 has a water tank with a capacity of 180 ml. So, doing some math, it should be able to produce continuous steam for atleast 10.58 minutes. This is definitely a large number as we will not be using steam all the time. So, the steam will definitely last until all the clothes have been ironed.

Other Features

  • 1440 W
  • 17g steam per minute
  • 180ml water capacity
  • Water spray capability – Spray small amount of water before ironing out stubborn creases and wrinkles
  • 1.8m, 180° swiveling cord which should stay out of the way during ironing
  • 2 Years warranty

Price and Availability

Rs. 1148 as of today and available at below links :

Flipkart Amazon

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