Philips GC1010 Steam Iron review

The Philips GC1010 Steam Iron is a great iron and is the #1 bestseller iron box in Amazon. It has many attractive features which make it an ideal iron for home. Lets take a look at its features here in the Philips GC1010 Steam Iron review.

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Philips GC1010

Philips GC1010


The goodness of an iron box is defined by how much heat it can produce. A good iron should provide a wide range of heat such that the iron box can be used on anything from nylon to jeans.
The power on this iron is 1200W. This power is enough for daily ironing requirements. Also, the soleplate has been designed to be thin. This allows all the heat produced to reach the garment being ironed for a smoother ironing without much pressure.


The second most important factor in any iron is the Steam. A good quality iron must produce continuous and high amount of steam. But, practically, this is not possible because of the limited size of water tank. So, bigger the water tank, longer the steam flow. But, bigger the water tank, heavier the iron. And a heavy iron will result in hand pain and back pain if you bend during ironing. So, the Philips GC1010 can produce 15g of steam per minute. The water tank is 150 ml big. So, it can continuously produce steam for 10 minutes. But, during ironing, we do not use steam continuously. We use it at short intervals and hence ironing with steam lasts much longer than 10 minutes.

Calc clean when using hard water

If you live in Bangalore, you know the problems of using hard water in a steam iron. So, this iron comes with a calc clean up mechanism. It allows you to simply flush out the calc thereby increasing the life of your GC 1010.

Other features

Its a lightweight iron at 1 kg , comes with a warranty of 2 years , the cord length is 1.5 metres .

More info and where to buy

You can read detailed comparision of various Philips steam irons here – Best Philips Steam Irons in India . I have listed 5 steam irons and ranked them based on various factors.

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