Philips Aquatouch AT620 Electric Shaver

Philips AquaTouch AT620 Men’s Shaver which gets the job done. It provides a clean and close shave and it comes with a trimmer for sidelocks (sideburns) and moustache/goatie trimming. It is both a wet and dry shaver and comes with the trusted CloseCut blades from Philips. The AT620 has one extra feature compared to the Philips Aquatouch AT610 electric shaver, it is the trimmer. A trimmer is really required as it aids in beautifully trimming any facial hair that we don’t want shaved. The AT620 electric shaver is available for around Rs. 1738 at Flipkart and Amazon.

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Philips Aquatouch AT620

Philips Aquatouch AT620


Aquatec technology

The shaver can be used as both dry and wet shaver. It can be used with foam and gel for a closer and smoother shave. The aquatec technology ensures that no water enters inside and hence protects the electrical components.


The blades are designed to be very low and close to the skin. This allows the shaver to cut hair very close to its root and hence provide smooth shave. The blades are designed with CloseCut technology and come with rounded blades. This allows them to glide smoothly over skin while cutting hair in a fast and precise manner. Nicks and cuts caused by razor blades will not happen with electric shavers as the blades do not touch the skin on the face or neck.


Philips Aquatouch AT620 pop-up trimmer

Philips Aquatouch AT620 pop-up trimmer

The Philips Aquatouch AT620 comes with a trimmer. It is nicely hidden when not required and can be popped up whenever needed.


Once charged, the electric shaver is cordless. On a full charge it will last for approximately 30 minutes. It takes 10 hours to charge and hence charging overnight every couple of uses will suffice.

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Other Features

It comes with a 2 years warranty provided by Philips. Philips also recommends that you change your shaver head once every 2 years.

It runs on worldwide voltage and is small enough to carry around wherever required.

It is designed to be able to easily hold with your hand and move around your face while you look for remaining hair to be shaved off.

In summary, the Philips AT620 is a good shaver that provides a close shave. It is competetively priced for the set of features it provides and will last for a long time if well maintained.

Happy Shaving.

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