Panasonic SR-Y22 Rice Cooker Review

Rice Cookers make cooking easy because of 2 best features – automatic cooking and automatic off. This basically takes the pain out of cooking.

Previously cooking rice involved mixing rice and water in a pot or pressure cooker and waiting for it to finish cooking. And then turning Off the stove. That waiting for the rice to be done took up so much of our precious time.

Then came the rice cooker. Put rice and water, turn it On and forget about it. Once its done, it will automatically shut off. Thats a cool feature.

Old School

  • Come back from work
  • Put rice and water in pot,
    • Wait for it to finish – check multiple times – waste precious time
    • OR
    • Listen and count the pressure cooker whistles, turn off and come back after 15 mins
  • Eat rice for dinner

Cozy Indian Home style

  • Come back from work
  • Put rice and water in rice cooker and press ON button
  • Eat rice for dinner

So, now that we have had so much fun, its time for the Panasonic SR-Y22 Rice Cooker Review.

Panasonic SR-Y22FHS

Panasonic SR-Y22FHS



The capacity of this cooker is 2.2Litres. This represents the “before cooking” capacity. The “After cooking” capacity is 5.4 litres. A 2.2 liter cooker can make enough rice for 7+ people. But if you are from regions where people consume more rice generally, such as Andhra or Tamilnadu, then it makes sufficient rice for 5+ people.


The power consumed is 750W . This is pretty high power rating and it means that rice will be cooked very quickly. Generally, higher the power consumed, the faster it will be able to boil water and hence faster it can cook rice.

Auto Cook feature

This cooker supports auto cook feature. You can set it to cook for a prescribed time and then automatically turn off. This is best utilised while finishing cooking. Set timer for curry to boil and then it will auto turn off. Such a convinient feature !!

Cooking Pan

The surface of the rice cooker is made of Anchor coated non-stick. This ensures that rice does not stick to the pot and that it is easy to clean. Rice can be easily scooped out without any sticky part clinging to the walls.

Other details

  • Warranty : 2 Years on product, 5 years on heater
  • Price : approx Rs. 2740
  • Accessories : Scoop, Lid holer, User Manual

Where Can I buy?

Buy Now (Flipkart) Buy Now (Amazon)

This is a beautiful rice cooker which will look really good in your kitchen. It will compliment and add to the homely feeling that every cozy Indian home has. I believe that this is the best rice cooker available in the Indian market today. Its produced by a reputable company, has good capacity & power and comes with exceptional warranty. There’s no reason to not buy this !!

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