Omron HGM-112 Glucometer Review

Omron HGM-112 Glucometer is one of the most trusted glucometer units recommended by certified doctors and health experts. It is an upgraded version of the popular HGM-111 edition. Omron HGM-112 Glucometer is a well designed gadget and looks like a smartphone with its LCD screen. We can calibrate glucose levels in digital mode.This product can be bought from Flipkart and Amazon.



Omron HG112


The price of a glucose monitoring process consists of one time investment on the actual device and recurring cost on the lancets (piercing device) and the test strips. You have to use Omron test strips only.

The Omron HGM-112 Glucometer device is priced at around Rs. 599. It does not contain any test strips so its highly advised to buy it with Omron Strips(50Nos).

Price of glucometer Rs 599
Price of test strips 50 test strips – Rs. 900
. 100 test strips – Rs. 1800

Omron 2

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This Omron glucometer requires no coding. It has simple to use function for new users. This Blood Glucose Monitoring System HGM-112 is intended as an aid to monitor and control blood glucose levels. The features that set apart the Omron HGM-112 glucometer are:
• Auto coding
• Lightweight

Expiry date

The device stores expiry date of the test strips and shows an error indication when expired, damaged or reused strips are used


Omron HGM-112 is a small and compact device and looks like a smartphone with its LED screen. It’s small enough to be carried along with you on your travels and can be easily packed and taken anywhere.

Its dimensions are: 63.2 mm x 40.6 mm x 18 mm (L × W × H)

Pre and Post meal

The Omron HGM-112 device allows you to mark pre and post meal and allows you to easily track the reading shown on the screen. The last reading is stored in memory and can be recalled. This allows you to keep an eye on your readings and assess the improvements or the need for change in your medication.

Box Contents

Contains: Blood glucose meter, lancing device, AST cap, 10 pieces lancets, carrying case, log book, operational manual
• 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

Time taken

The device takes approximately 5 seconds with just a tiny drop of blood ( 1 – 2 micro liter). This is pretty fast and is the average time taken currently among industy standard glucometers. Time taken is not a really important factor as a few seconds is generally acceptable and hardly noticeable.

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