Omron HEM 7201 Blood Pressure Monitor Review

The Omron HEM 7201 blood pressure monitor is a little advanced compared to the 7113 (read review) and 7120 (top BP monitors. It shows a lot more information and comes with a host of advanced features. It is easily usable by both elderly and middle aged people. A great feature is that it supports 2 users. Older people can easily use the blood pressure and heart monitors, and tech savvy middle aged person can analyze the average values and historical data it stores. I believe at Rs. 2540 this is a better buy and definitely recommend it over Omron HEM-7113(Rs. 1229) if you don’t mind shelling out the extra Rs. 1000. But when it comes to healthcare, Rs.1000 is a real small amount to pay and if it is used by 2 users, it actually works out to be more economical.


Omron HEM 7201

Omron HEM 7201


It comes with a big display so that it is easy to read the values off the screen. The screen comes with a backlight and hence even during the night it should be easy to read the values. The display mainly shows information regarding systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings & heart rate monitor. It also shows time and other information in smaller size and not all information is displayed all the time. Some of them are shown only when certain indications are required.

HEM 7201 display

HEM 7201 display

Memory and Two users support

The HEM 7201 supports two users A and B. This is very useful because usually mother and father get old together at home and they can share a device. The device can store 60 sets of readings in memory for both users (User A and User B).

It also supports an average reading functionality which shows the average of atmost 3 readings in a 10 minute timeperiod. So, if there are only 2 readings, then the average of 2 readings will be displayed.

Automatic BP measurement

The blood pressure is measured automatically. The user should wear the cuff, turn on the device, select user A or B and then press Start. The cuff will automatically inflate and then deflate while taking measurements during the process. There is no need to check pulse or do anything else as the device is capable of measuring without user assistance. See image from user manual for basic instructions. Do not use device without reading all instructions and also learning from a doctor.

HEM 7201 usage

HEM 7201 usage

Other Features

It comes with many indicators that allow the device to take accurate readings. It also provides feedback when certain errors such as body movement occurs. This allows you to correct and retake the reading.

Some of the indicators and technical capabilities are :

  • Body Movement Indicator
  • Irregular heartbeat indicator
  • Intellisense Technology
  • Accuracy : Pressure: +-3mmHg, Pulse rate: +-5% of reading
  • 4 AA batteries can support approximately 300 readings
  • Cuff size – Medium (22 – 32 cm arm circumference )
  • Buy an adapter and use directly from electricity without batteries
  • 1 year warranty

The instruction manual is available online.

Stay healthy ..

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