Omron HEM 7113 Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Omron HEM 7113 Blood Pressure Monitor is a sphygmomanometer that is quite popular on Flipkart and Amazon. It is an easy to use blood pressure monitor that can be used at home (definitely learn how to use it from a doctor). Its automatic (1 touch use) and comes with a big display, body movement detection, hypertension indicator and a memory of 14 readings. It has almost all the features desirable from a good blood pressure monitor at an affordable cost. Its currently available for Rs. 1275.

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Omron HEM-7113

Omron HEM-7113

Automatic – 1 touch operation

It has a 1 touch operation. This makes it very easy to be used by anybody. Just follow the instructions while positioning the cuff around your hand, press Start and wait for the monitor to automatically measure your blood pressure. It measures both systolic and dystolic readings. It also has a pulse measurer that can measure between 40 – 18 beats per minute. The blood pressure measurement range is 0 to 299mmHg.


It has a large display that should make it easy to read the readings. The size of the display should make it a bit easier to read the readings for elderly people with eyesight deterioration. The display shows three numbers for blood pressure and pulse measurements and is hence very uncluttered allowing users to quickly read the numbers.


The device has a memory for storing 14 readings. This is important as users can take the device to a doctor to show a history of readings. Measuring blood pressure at various times will give a better indication of actual BP when compared to measuring once in a while during doctor visits. The historical readings can also be used to trace the effectiveness of any new medicines prescribed by the doctor.


The Omron 7113 comes with the following indicators which give feedback during measurement and help in taking accurate measurements.

  • Irregular heartbeat indication
  • Hypertension Indicator
  • Under Inflation of Cuff
  • Over inflation of Cuff
  • Body Movement, air plug errors indicators
  • Indicators


Other Info

  • Batteries
  • The device requires 4 AAA batteries and should be easy to procure. It lasts for approximately 300 measurements which is quite good considering that it is close to number of days in a year !!

  • Instruction Manual
  • More information can be obtained by reading the manual available here – Omron HEM 7113 Instruction Manual

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