Infographic – Products in every Indian home

Here’s an infographic that shows the products in every Indian home.

Infographic - Products in every Indian Home

Infographic – Products in every Indian Home

A few years ago, Indians were not utilizing so many electrical appliances. In the recent years, with the average income increaseing, Indians are increasingly buying everyday electrical appliances that make their life easier. In the long run, these investments pay off by saving your time which frees up quality family time. These also increase the quality of life thereby assisting in leading a better quality of life.

Women and men have varied interests and is evident from their appliances selection. A man usually does not concentrate much on grooming and instead buy gadgets such as cameras and bluetooth speakers where as women are more interested in products in the fashion and beauty segment such as hair straighteners, hair dryers, epilators and other products.

Even the kitchen has seen an upgrade. It now sports electrical water purifiers, induction cooktops, latest microwaves, toasters and grills.

All this is good news for the Indian e-commerce market and affiliate websites. With the internet increasing its spread and speed, and with Indians beginning to trust online stores, it is becoming fairly common to see all these products being ordered online.

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