How to use Induction Cooker

Cooking with induction cookers is fun and easy. It is really easy compared to cooking on a gas stove or electricity stove. To understand how to use induction cooker, lets start by learning what is induction.

How does Induction Cooker work

In regular stoves, food is cooked by heat induction – from LPG or from electric coils. In an electric stove, magnetic field is used to induce heat.

An induction cooker consists of copper coils. When electricity is passed through them, they produce magnetic field. When the cooking pot is placed within the magnetic field zone, it heats up due to the resistance of the substance. The whole working of an induction cooker is based on electro magnetic induction.


Since the vessel heats up due to magnetic fields, it is necessary that the vessel be ferrous in nature. That is why only iron/steel and other ferrous vessels can be used.

The magnetic field decreases rapidly with distance. And only that part of the vessel gets heated up which is within the magnetic field. It is now obvious that the vessel should be flat bottom such that maximum surface area is available within the magnetic field zone.

Prestige Omega Kitchen Set, 3-Pieces is a very good product for induction cooking. It has a flat bottom and is only 3 millimeters thick which will allow it to heat up pretty quickly.

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Power rating

Okay, now in our gas stove we can change the heat level by changing the flame from high to sim. Now, how do we do that in an induction cooker? There is no way that we can reduce electricity. Can we?

So, induction cookers come with “WATT” ratings. Watt is a metric unit that is used to measure power. By increasing or decreasing the power, we can control the amount of heat produced. But, in an induction cooker we cannot see any flame. So how do we know how many Watts is how much of heat? Well, its done in two ways. First, you will get a really good idea of heat produced after using it for a few minutes. Its really simple. And secondly, many induction cookers come with pre-programmed heat levels for basic functionalities for cooking gravy, boiling milk, using pressure cooker and so on. It also shows the Watt being used at any time. So, after using each functioality once, you will be an expert on Watt.

Remember that induction cookers cook much faster than a regular gas stove. So be prepared to be surprised when your chai water starts to boil in a few seconds.


Logically – Since the vessel being used is flat and inside the magnetic field, there should be absolutely no loss of energy. This is quite true as almost all of the energy is utilised for heating the vessel. The amount of energy lost is very less and hence induction cooking is generally much faster than gas cooking.


The induction cookers do not have any open “holes” or other dust and drip collectors. They have a very flat surface and hence can be cleaned very easily. Just wipe it with a cloth and all is smooth and clean. No need to worry about the milk that has boiled over under the stove as there is no place for the milk to flow into. It will stay on the cooker or just flow on the stove. No hiding places for milk. So, easy to clean and maintain.

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