Guide to buying the best Air Purifier in India

With the rising pollution levels in India, air purifiers have now become the need of the hour in every household now. There is a general lack of awareness on how the air purifier works and what factors needs to be considered while selecting the most adept and the best air purifier in India. I have listed down a few points below to help make the right decision.

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Filter and Efficiency:

The main criteria for selecting an air purifier is how efficient is the air purifier in purifying the air. The 2 main things to consider will be, what percentage of pollutants does it remove and how much air does the air purifier cleanse every hour.
A good air purifier must have a pre-filter. It will be useful in removing particle matters that are 5-10 microns like pet hairs etc. This will not only filter the air but also will protect the major filters like HEPA filters from wearing out early. However the particles which are 5 microns or larger are less. Next filters that are very important are the HEPA filters which are the major air cleansers. the HEPA filters catch the small and minute pollutants and help provide a clean air. Activated carbon filters help to filter odour and gases and are a valuable filter addition to any air purifiers.

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Size of the rooms:

The size of the room is the most important factor when choosing an air purifier.The air purifier cleans the air, when it passes through the air purifier. So it needs to pass through the purifier multiple times per hour. The reason for this is that initially the air will have a certain pollution level depending on your external environment and activity inside the area you are planning to clean and maintain. In the beginning the air changes will be necessary to reduce the pollution level until it is reduced by around 80%. After this the continuation of the air purifier will be to maintain the cleanliness of the air. So because of this the air becomes more and more pure and pollutants will keep reducing as the air purifier continues operating.

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Noise level:

Since the air purifiers will be used indoors in your bedroom or your living room, one of the major factors will be the operating noise levels of the air purifier. You don’t want an air purifier that is whirring noisily all day long. Its always advisable to buy a higher capacity air purifier and run it in a lower setting to prevent any noise pollution.

Pollution level indicator and Filter change indicators:

Air pollution indicators are a valuable addition to an air purifiers.These air purifiers will have an automatic sensors which will increase or decrease the speed of the air purifiers operation.

Another important feature is the Filter change indicator. An air purifier with a old filter is not effective in cleaning the air of pollutants. The modern air purifiers have a simple pop out door to replace the old filters and do not require any tools to replace.

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An air purifier should be light and mobile enabling the user to move and place the air purifier in any room as required. An aesthetically designed air purifier will be an added advantage as it will not look out of place in your living room.

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Brand and warranty:

Its ofter recommended to go with well known brands like Honeywell, Philips or Kent as they have the expertise in making air purifiers that not only function well, but also are very reliable. Also look for a warranty period of at least 12 months.

I have listed out few of the must have features for the best air purifier in India, to help you make a knowledgable and informed decision. So go ahead and buy the air purifier you need and enjoy a fresher and cleaner air!

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