Blood Sugar Test Machine Price

If you are in a hurry, here’s a quick look at the blood sugar test machine prices.

Accu Chek Rs. 1350 Amazon Link
Johnson and Johnson OneTouch Rs. 700 Amazon Link
Dr. Morepen BG03 Rs. 700 – 1690 Amazon Link

Diabetes or “Sugar” in India

In India, diabetes has been known for a very long time as the sugar disease.

Whenever a diabetic visits somebody’s house and they offer tea, you will often hear the person say “sugar untu” which literally means “i have sugar”. The surprising thing is that the host will then ask “how about a little sugar? You have come from so far”. For an outsider this might seem rude, but its actually considered a necessity to force something good onto others. The guest has to politely decline to get tea or coffee with no sugar in it.

At all functions and festivals in India, it is a common occurence to see a variety of sweets or dessets. These sweets are a big part of every full course Indian meal. They are super delicious and are quite irrestible. With that in mind, these days “sugarless” sweets are being prepared which can be consumed by people with “sugar” without fear of their insulin level going berserk.

Sugar testing machine

The use of glucometers or “sugar testing machine” as they are called in India is not very common. Infact, these devices were considered expensive and were out of reach of middle class. But in the last few years with the spending power of a regular Indian increasing many folds, the spending on health care devices has increased. Glucometers, sugar testing machine and bloop pressure monitors are increasingly being bought by Indians. Technology helps monitor your health by giving a numerical value that can be measured, compared and tracked.

Blood Sugar test machine price

The price of such glucometers or sugar machines depend on a variety of factors. The glucometes come with different features such as Memory, bluetooth connectivity, requiring or not requiring coding, ease of use, tracking before and after meal readings and a host of other features. The sugar testing machine price varies from Rs. 700 – Rs. 1700. Along with the price of the machine, one also has to be aware of the price of the blood strips. These strips are a recurring expense and quickly pass the price of the device itself.

A detailed list of prices are available at sugar testing machine. The table shown there compares all the features and their prices.

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