Best Induction Cooker In India

Induction Cooker, Induction Stove, Induction Cooker – call them what you wish, you know they are awesome and every house should have one.

The Best Induction Cooker In India

Shopping for Induction Cooker is not like shopping for a gas stove because induction cookers come with a varying set of features such as auto cooking and automatic shutoff. Considering many factors, if you are looking for a “value for money” cooker, then go for Pigeon Rapido which costs around Rs. 1350 . If you want something for long term use, with many more automation features and good looks which make your kitchen beautiful, then I recommend Philips Viva Collection HD4938/00 which is available for around Rs.3,599.

Check out this comparision table for a quick look at all features.

 Pigeon RapidoPhilips Viva Collection HD4938/00 Philips HD 4929
PriceRs. 1,350.00Rs.3,599.00Rs.2,299.00
Power (Max)20002100 Watts2100 Watts
Auto cook time - 0 - 3 hours0 - 3 hours
Preset Menus7106
Delay Timer- Upto 24 hours-
ButtonsPush buttonSensor touch panelPush button
BodyGlass panelSleek Ceramic Body
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year
Flipkart LinkPigeon RapidoPhilips Viva Collection HD4938/00Philips HD4929
Amazon LinkPigeon RapidoPhilips Viva Collection HD4938/00Philips HD4929

Individual reviews are available for Philips HD4938 and Philips HD4929

How do induction cookers work?

Induction cookers/cooktops do not produce any flame. They have a copper coil below the surface. When current flows through it, it produces a magnetic field. When this comes in contact with the ferromagnetic material(like iron or stainless steel) of the pot or vessel, the metallic surface of the pot gets heated up which results in cooking of the food.

Check this link to understand how to use induction cooker

Benefits of Induction cookers

  • Induction cookers don’t produce open flame. So, chances of a fire accident is highly reduced.
  • They are wheelchair friendly as compared to a gas stove. A seated person can stretch his hand to reach for the pot on the stove without fear of open flame touching the arm
  • Only the pot’s bottom will heat up directly
  • Automatic detection of power consumed is possible and hence some cookers can detect that the pot is empty and shut off. Check if yours supports this feature.
  • Much more efficient than electric coil heaters. Almost as efficient as gas stoves.
  • Efficient energy transfer from coil to pot – 84% (source wikipedia)

Vessels / Pots on the induction cooker

Iron or stainless steel flat bottom vessels or pots are best suited for induction cookers. Their diameter needs to be within 12 – 20 cm approximately. Almost every household in India has these vessels, but if you don’t, get some non stick here – Prestige Non-Stick Kitchen Set

Induction Cooker Pots

Induction Cooker Pots

How do I choose the best induction cooker?


So, the main features to look for, is the heating power of the induction cooker measured in Watt. A gas stove can be controlled to produce low flame to high flame. Similarly, an induction cooker’s heating power can be varied from low watts to high watts. Higher the wattage, higher the heat produced which results in faster cooking.

Surface and build

We are going to keep a lot of heavy vessels on the induction cooker and hence it is necessary that the surface of the cooker is solid enough to take the load for many months and years. So, its best to invest in a glass or ceramic induction cooker which does not get heated, is easy to clean and looks good too.

Assorted features

Auto cook

This feature will allow you to set a fixed timer for cooking. While heating food, we know that heating for 5 minutes is enough. In such cases, set the timer for 5 minutes, go take a shower and hot food is ready when you come back. No need to stand next to the stove for turning it off.
Also, best for making maggi. Put water, put masala and maggi noodles. Set 5-7 minutes timer and maggi will be ready in 2 minutes πŸ™‚ .

p.s. This below image is from Philips induction cooker.

Induction Cooker Auto Cook

Induction Cooker Auto Cook

Preset menus

This feature allows you to cook some well known recipes automatically. If you just put all the ingredients and press a button, bamm , dinner ready. Look at your induction cooker’s user manual for supported recipes.

p.s. This below image is from Philips induction cooker.

Induction Cooker Presets

Induction Cooker Presets

Delayed cooking

You want to heat up food but after 10 minutes? Set the delayed timer for 10 minutes and it will automatically heat up food or cook after 10 minutes.

Induction Cooker delayed Timer

Induction Cooker delayed Timer

If you need more information on Philips, their documentation is available here – Philips User Manual and see this detailed video for making idli, dosa and pulav.

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