Best Hair Straightener in India

Based on price and great features(discussed below), the best hair straightener in India is Philips Kerashine HP8316 becase it has ceramic plates and ionic care which take care of your hair, its wide plates reduce straightening time for thick hair and it comes in a golden color. Its currently priced at around Rs. 2000. It is currently the #1 best seller in Amazon. Its close competitor is the economically priced (Rs. 1200) Philips HP8309. Check out the comparison tables below for detailed comparison among many hair straighteners available in India.

Temperature control is a great feature to have in a hair straightener as different hair types require different temperatures. But this is also an expensive feature and not required by everybody. So, look at the tables below and compare all features and pick the one you like.

Hair straighteners without temperature control

 Philips HP8309Philips HP8310/00Philips KeraShine keraShine HP8316Philips HP8317 Kerashine Jojoba Straightener
Ion ConditioningNYYY
Light IndicatorYYYY
Ceramic PlatesYYYY
Heat time60 seconds60 seconds60 seconds60 seconds
Auto shut offNYYY
Universal VoltageYYYY
Temperature RegulatorNNNN
Cord length1.8m1.8m1.5m1.8m
Warranty2 Years2 Years2 Years2 Years
Other FeaturesExtra wide plates
Heat up to 100° in 30 seconds
Extra wide keratin infused plates
Flipkart LinkPhilips HP8309Philips HP8310Philips Kerashine HP8316Philips HP8317
Amazon LinkPhilips HP8309Philips HP8310Philips Kerashine HP8316Philips HP8317

Hair straighteners with temperature control

Check out another review at Remington S2002 review

 Remington S2002Remington S1005Remington Ceramic Slim 220 S1510
PlatesNarrow, longNarrow, longFloating
Ceramic PlatesYYY
Heat time60 seconds60 seconds30 seconds
Auto shut offYNY
Universal VoltageYYY
Temperature RegulatorYYY
Cord length1.8m1.8m1.5m
Warranty3 Years2 Years5 Years
Other FeaturesAnti static
220° high heat
Fast 30 seconds heat up time
Flipkart LinkRemington S2002Remington S1005Remington Ceramic Slim
Amazon LinkRemington S2002
Remington S1005Remington Ceramic Slim 220 S1510

The most important factor while buying a hair straightener is your hair type. Then come the features of the appliance. To find the best hair straightener for your hair, it is important to understand how hair dryers work.

How do Hair Straighteners work

Hair is made up of protein called Keratin. These keratins bond with their adjacent keratins through disulphide bonds. Think of them as glue which sticks keratins. Now, this glue is strong and that is why we cannot break or cut hair with our hands. We need something sharp like scissors to do it. Hairs of all shapes – Curly, straight or wavy, are all because of this bond (glue). If we can readjust these bonds, then we can give any shape to our hair.

But these bonds are strong. So, to readjust them, we need to use heat. By using heat, the glue between the keratins is loosened and we can reshape the hair. This is exactly what a hair straightener does. The plates of the hair straightener heat up which causes the glue in our hair to melt(metaphorically speaking). Then the flat plates straighten our hair by readjusting the bonds or glue in our case. So, hair that passes through the hot plates comes out being straighter.

But, this straightening mechanism is not permanent. The bonds tend to return to their original position after some hours. Moisture helps the bond to go back quickly.

So, more you heat the hair, more shapely it can become right? But hair cannot tolerate excessive heat. The outer protective layer made up of cuticles starts breaking exposing inner hair to harsh environmental factors. Overtime the inner layer will get damaged and hair will look old and lifeless.

How to choose a hair straightener

How to keep your safe during hair straightening talks about safe heat levels and why it is important to use a hair straightening spray or cream while using a flat iron. Based on your hair type, here are some tips on choosing the best.

Based on hair thickness

The thickness of your hair should decide how hot the flat iron gets. Thin hair requires low temperature where as thick hair requires high temperatures. So for thin or fine hair, get a hair straightener that offers variable heat settings. This will allow you to use high temperatures in sections with thick hair and lower temperatures at thinner sections. But these kind of straighteners tend to be a bit more expensive, as variable heat settings is a costly feature. Some of the hair straighteners which allow you to change temperature are

2. Remington S2002
3. Remington S1005

For thick hair, you will need a hair straightener with wider plates. This will allow the hair to be inside the plates for a longer time thereby exposing to heat for a longer time. This will allow you to reduce the temperature a little bit. Some of the hair straighteners with wider plates are:

1. Philips HP8317
2. Philips Kerashine HP8316


Whatever be the type of your hair, some features are required among all good hair straighteners.

Smooth plates

The plates should be smooth so that hair can easily glide though it without getting stuck or damaged inside the plates.

Plate quality

Ceramic, tourmalline plates : Ceramic is able to heat up quickly and evenly. This allows 30 to 60 seconds startup time for hair straighteners. Also, ceramic produces far infrared heat which penetrates hair without damaging it. Tourmalline is a crystal which when heated produces negative ions. Negative ions reduce the static frizz in your hair and hence keep it shiny and smooth.

If you have chemically treated hair for permanent hair straightening or bleaching, then do not buy a straightener without consulting your hair stylist. Be aware of maximum temperature that your hair can take.

Hair straighteners come with a whole lot of features and it is really difficult to identify the perfect one. So, look at the tables above with all the features of all hair straighteners in the Indian market. Feel free to check them out. Also you may be interested in reading Philips HP8309 review, Philips Kerashine review and why Babyliss is the best

How to use a hair straightener

Hair straightener works best on freshly washed hair before natural oils and daily dirt coats your hair. But a straightener should never be used on wet hair. The hot plates will literally boil the water in your hair and cause a lot of damage. So, always use a flat iron when your hair is dry.

Apply a heat protection spray. This is really important if you use your hair straightener regularly. If you love to try out various hair styles from curly to straight, then you need a protection spray for your hair. The hair spray will provide protection from heat while locking moisture inside. Some sprays also prevent frizziness and produce shiny and soft hair. They will also allow your hair to stay in the desired shape for a longer period.

Then, divide your hair into sections and start ironing them. You might have to clip all the excessive hair on the top of your head so that you iron out all the hair sections without missing out any. The lesser hair in the flat iron, the better are the results. But it will take a longer time. Over time you will find the perfect match and be able to choose the right amount of hair for ironing.

Check out this video for simple and easy steps for beautifully straight hair.


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