Best Electric Razor For Women

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The requirements for choosing Electric razors for women (Electric shavers for women) is very different from those of men. The most desired characteristics of a woman’s razor are :

  1. Soft and smooth
  2. The most important requirement of any electric razor. It should cut every hair such that the hair is not visible under any circumstance. It should be able to adjust to the shape of the body part and it should not cause any nicks or cuts. It should leave the skin nice and smooth and not cause any damage

  3. Size
  4. The electric shaver should be small enough to be carried around in a woman’s purse. The need to shave the leg can arise at any time. I have seen my wife spot those hidden hairs on her leg when she get in the car. At such times, it is impossible to remove that hair using a razor as it will definitely result in a nick or a cut.
    The best device at such hair emergencies is an electric shaver (electric razor). Just turn it ON, point at the hair and boom – sexy hairless leg again.

  5. Cordless
  6. It is pointless to buy an electric razor with a wire attached to a power source. It can never be used in the car or in the hotel on a business trip. So, it is almost always best to buy a cordless electric razor.

  7. Battery Life
  8. The battery life should be long enough to allow multiple shaves. Nobody likes to go to the supermarket early morning to buy a pair of batteries for the razor.

So, based on all these characteristics, I have created this table which lists all the information.

 Panasonic ES2291Philips HP6341
PriceRs. 1,399Rs. 1499
BladeNickel Foil
Wet and DryYES, bothYES, both
Batteries2 X AAA2 X AA
Extra FeaturesBikini Comb Attachment
Floating Head
Washable Blade and Foil
Safety Cap
Amazon Link Panasonic ES2291 Philips HP6341
Flipkart Link Panasonic ES2291 Philips HP6341

Both the above electric razors for women are foil based and provide close shave and come with protection against any cuts or nicks. I like the Panasonic ES2291 because it comes with a bikini trimmer and has a floating head. But the Philips HP6341 seems to have better online sales than Panasonic. Although I really don’t know why, but I guess people directly search for Philips products.

Choose the one that you like the most and enjoy your soft and smooth skin.


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