Babyliss ST387E iPro 235 Intense Protect

Babyliss ST387E is a newer version of the Babyliss ST287E, which was one of the best hair straighteners in India. Like the Babyliss ST287E, this has all the features that you can expect from any hair straightener and it uses the highest quality products for the best results. It feautures the advanced Diamon Ceramic Floating Plates. I would rate it as the best hair straightener in India, taking the crown from the previous favourite – Babyliss ST287E . The Babyliss ST387E is in many ways advanced than the previous favorite as seen in the features below.Amazon for around Rs 4100.




The 24x120mm straightening plates are sealed with a Diamond Ceramic coating that evenly distributes heat and is especially gentle to your hair.

Ionic Function

With the Ionic function are distributed negatively charged ions in the hair and wrap each individual strand of it. Electrical charging of the hair is greatly reduced. The ST387E is your perfect comfort in the dry, as well as in damp hair to use for, without damaging the hair.

Temperature control

The Babyliss ST387E iPro 235 Intense Protect has the i Temperature technology: Instant heat-up and constant temperature. It has 6 temperature levels and produces a maximum temperature of 235 ° C. It has the following temperature settings for efficient hair straightening – Intense Mode 220 Degree, 235 Degree/Protect Mode140’C Degree, 160’C Degree, 180’C Degree, 200’C Degree

Online details

This hair straightener is available on Amazon but not in Flipkart. Click the link below to read features and more reviews before buying.


Other great features

    • Automatic shut off

It auto shuts off after 75 minutes. This is a good safety feature and also prevent wastage of electricty when you forget to turn it off and leave it powered on.
It has a button to reach maximum temperature instantly. When a section of hair requires higher temperatures, this button changes the temperature immediately. If you press it again, the flat iron will return to its previous temperature.

    • Heat resistant mat

It comes with a heat resistant mat for placing the straightener down during use. This is an excellent convinience feature and prevents accidentally burning your table cloth or other items.

    • Swivel cord

The swivel cord keeps the wire from tangling up and rotates as you move it around.

    • Locks

The locks allow you to lock the plates after use. This keeps the plates safe and prevents you from touching the hot plates accidentally.

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