Why Babyliss ST287E is the best hair straightener in India

Babyliss ST287E has all the features that you can expect from any hair straightener and it uses the highest quality products for the best results. Features such as Titanium plates, ion generator, 5 heat settings, auto off and many other convinience features makes it worth the price tag it carries. I would rate it as the best hair straightener in India considering its features and its value. It is available on Amazon for around Rs 3700 (really not that expensive !!). [Update:Babyliss ST287E is Out Of Stock in major online sites. However there is a newer version of this available with some great new features added- Babyliss ST387E Ipro 235 It’s available in Amazon for around Rs 4100.


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Let me list the features of Babyliss ST287E and you be the judge.

Babyliss ST287E-1

Babyliss ST287E-1


It comes with TITANIUM plates. Titanium is the latest technology used by all high quality hair straighteners(previously ceramic). The plates in Babyliss ST287E have a coating of both Ceramic and Titanium. Titanium has very high heat conductivity and hence it will heat up quickly and retain heat during straightening. This will allow you to straighten your hair with lesser passes and in the long term it will help your hair a lot. Titanium is much lighter than steel and hence your straightener will be lighter and easy to use.

It has extra long plates measuring 24mm X 120mm allowing you to iron a wider section of hair than most other straighteners.

Ions Generator

Heating hair causes it to lose its moisture and this in turn causes your hair to become frizzy. To tackle this the Babyliss ST287E has an internal ions generator. This generators negative ions at 150000 ions/cm3 allowing you to effectively remove frizziness and produce shiny and silky straight hair.

Temperature control

This hair straightener has 5 different temperature controls. This feature is available in very few hair straighteners in India. It is an excellent feature as it allows the straightener to be used by people of all hair types – from thin to thick to long to curly to unruly. Everybody can use it at a temperature suitable for their hair type. Its temperature can be set at 130, 155, 180, 205 and 230.

It uses i-temperature technology for producing fast heat ups and keeping temperature constant at required setting. It has an LED to indicate the current temperature. No other hair straighteners can do this. Look at the image below to understand how easy and awesome this feature is.

Babyliss ST287E LED

Babyliss ST287E LED

Online details

This hair straightener is available on Amazon but not in Flipkart. Click the link below to read features and more reviews before buying.

Other great features

    • Automatic shut off

It auto shuts off after 75 minutes. This is to prevent wastage of electricty when you forget to turn it off and leave it powered on.

    • Max temperature button

It has a button to reach maximum temperature instantly. When a section of hair requires higher temperatures, this button changes the temperature immediately. If you press it again, the flat iron will return to its previous temperature.

    • Heat resistant mat

It comes with a heat resistant mat for placing the straightener down during use. This is an excellent convinience feature and prevents accidentally burning your table cloth or other items.

    • Swivel cord

The swivel cord keeps the wire from tangling up and rotates as you move it around.

    • Locks

The locks allow you to lock the plates after use. This keeps the plates safe and prevents you from touching the hot plates accidentally.

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